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Topeka State And Local Tax Attorneys


Founded in Topeka in 1949, Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A.  (CDN) has grown into one of the most respected tax law practices in Kansas. For more than 60 years, businesses have turned to CDN for in-depth tax advice and counsel.

Experienced Advice and Counsel to Kansas Businesses

Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A.  is committed to client service. The firm strives to provide professional and effective representation.

Clients turn to CDN when they need a team of experienced tax attorneys to help them make smart business decisions. CDN's attorneys develop tailored legal strategies that help clients overcome current tax challenges and reduce future tax liabilities.

Northeast Kansas Sales and Use Tax Lawyers

CDN's experienced tax professionals act as trusted advisers to the firm's business clients. When businesses need to make smart decisions about Kansas corporate income taxes and sales and use taxes, they reach out to Coffman, DeFries and Nothern, P.A. for counsel.

CDN also provides professional representation for business clients involved in tax controversy actions with the state and helps businesses take advantage of Kansas tax credits and incentives to reduce their overall Kansas tax liabilities.

In Kansas, the state and counties assess the tax value of property located within its borders. As experienced Topeka property tax valuation lawyers, CDN's attorneys successfully dispute clients' overvaluations to reduce their Kansas property tax liabilities. CDN's tax attorneys guide clients through the property exemption process to ensure clients aren't paying state tax on property that is exempt.

Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. also works hand in hand with its business clients, their lobbyists and industry interest groups to affect statewide legislative change.

Contact the experienced Topeka state and local tax lawyers of Coffman, DeFries and Nothern, P.A. at 785-234-3461.

Topeka Property Tax Valuation Attorneys

Northeast Kansas Tax Valuation Appeal Lawyers

For over 25 years, the tax attorneys at Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. (CDN) have helped Kansas property and business owners successfully dispute the value placed on their property for state and local tax purposes.

Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. is committed to client service. The firm understands that the best way to effectively represent its clients' interests is through solid preparation. Its attorneys begin each case by thoroughly investigating its client's property and the information used by the appraising authority. If the appraising authority had inaccurate or out-of-date information, that may be the reason for the mistaken value. If inaccurate information was not the cause of the misvaluation, CDN's tax attorneys work with other professionals, such as accountants and appraisers, to develop the evidence necessary to support a reduced property value.

CDN represents clients' interests in a professional and effective manner. From informal meetings with the appraising entity to formal Kansas Court of Tax Appeals hearings, CDN's tax attorneys work hard to achieve the best outcome possible.

Seeking Fair Property Taxes

Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. has successfully helped Kansas property and business owners dispute the tax values placed on their property.

In Kansas, the state and counties assess the tax value of property located within its borders. An appraiser determines a property's worth based on its fair market value and the county treasurer's office collects the tax.

If you disagree with the tax value placed on your property, you only have a short time frame to contest that value. Property value appeals must be filed within 30 days from the date your notice of valuation was mailed. You may also choose to pay your taxes and file a payment under protest, but you must do so by December 20 in the year the taxes are due in order to protest using a partial payment; otherwise, you must pay the entire year's taxes before you can protest the valuation.

Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. also has extensive experience representing clients on valuation matters related to state-assessed property and complex industrial properties.

As experienced Topeka property tax valuation lawyers, CDN's attorneys know how to navigate the Kansas administrative and legal tax system to help its clients reduce their property tax liabilities. For help reducing your property tax evaluation, contact Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. at 785-234-3461.

Topeka Property Tax Exemption Attorneys

All real and personal property located in the State of Kansas is subject to state and local taxes – unless that property is exempt.

Clients turn to Topeka-based Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. for a team of experienced property tax exemption attorneys to help them eliminate specific tax liabilities and reduce their overall taxes.

Northeast Kansas Property Tax Exemption Lawyers

Kansas levies taxes on most real and personal property located within its borders. Tax values are determined on January 1 each year. Most property is assessed according to its fair market value. However, certain types of properties – such as some motor vehicles and commercial machinery and equipment – are assessed using a value-based method.

While some types of Kansas properties are automatically exempt from state and local taxes, taxpayers must take proactive steps to prevent paying state and local taxes on the majority of exempt properties.

Experienced Lawyers Helping Clients Exempt Their Kansas Property From State Tax

The process required to exempt certain properties from taxation can be complex and time-consuming. Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. guides its clients through the entire property exemption process.

From filing the appropriate application form and supplemental documents with the County Appraiser or Director of Property Valuation, representing clients' interests during hearings in front of the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals (COTA) and appealing adverse decisions to the Kansas Court of Appeals – CDN guides its clients through the valuation process. CDN's attorneys also help clients obtain refunds for previous taxes paid on exempted property.

Types of properties exempt from Kansas state and local property tax include:

  • Business or antique aircraft
  • Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment
  • Pollution control devices used in the production of electricity
  • Rental property leased by doctors, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists and psychologists
  • Farm machinery and equipment, and poultry, rabbit and swine confinement facilities
  • Carbon dioxide capture, sequestration or utilization property
  • Machinery, equipment, materials and supplies used in business, including machinery and equipment used by railroads and the telecommunications industry
  • Merchants' and manufacturers' inventory, including motor vehicle dealers' inventory
  • Properties purchased, constructed or improved using industrial revenue bonds
  • Economic development properties

Contact the Topeka property tax exemption lawyers of Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. at 785-234-3461.

Topeka Corporate Income Tax Attorneys

Based in Topeka, Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. has been helping Kansas businesses reduce their income taxes and resolve their sales and use tax controversies for more than 60 years.

Northeast Kansas Tax Controversy Lawyers

The attorneys at Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. have significant tax experience. Their in-depth knowledge of state tax law enables clients to make smart tax decisions that save money and position their companies for future success.

If your corporation has a physical presence in Kansas – whether you are headquartered in the state, have a manufacturing plant within the state's borders or own a subsidiary with a Kansas presence – your corporation is subject to Kansas state income tax. States sometimes also assert that taxpayers are subject to state income tax without a physical presence.

CDN's tax attorneys have concentrated knowledge and experience with state corporate income tax. Working side by side with its clients, Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. helps corporations make smart tax planning decisions to reduce Kansas taxes.

CDN also helps its corporate clients take advantage of state tax incentives to reduce their Kansas income tax liabilities.

Resolving Sales and Use Tax Controversies Throughout the State

State sales and use taxes may be imposed on property sold at retail or used within Kansas borders, as well as specialized services performed in Kansas. Business owners are responsible for collecting these taxes and remitting them to the appropriate taxing authority. Disputes regarding failure to remit the taxes, or regarding the amount to be collected, can be costly and time-consuming.

Coffman, DeFries and Nothern, P.A. works tirelessly to resolve its clients' tax disputes.

CDN's attorneys have successfully represented their clients' interests in all levels of tax controversy cases. From local tax review boards and informal meetings with the Department of Revenue to the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals and Kansas Court of Appeals, Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. has the legal knowledge and experience necessary to achieve the best possible resolution of its clients' tax disputes.

Contact the Topeka corporate income tax lawyers of Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. at 785-234-3461.

Northeast Kansas Legislative Support

Topeka-based Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. works hand in hand with clients, lobbyists and interest groups to guide statewide tax policies and affect legislative change.

Experienced Tax Professionals Guiding Businesses to Lower Tax Liabilities

Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. has grown into one of the most respected tax law practices in Kansas. For more than 25 years, businesses have turned to CDN to provide them with insight into how Kansas tax laws work and advice on how to best influence legislative policy.

The attorneys at Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. have concentrated experience in tax law. Not only do CDN's attorneys know how to successfully resolve their business clients' tax disputes, they know how to assist in establishing state tax policies that prevent potential challenges from arising.

Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. has specialized knowledge of Kansas tax law. Several of CDN's lawyers have been included in *The Best Lawyers in America magazine's list of tax professionals.

Because Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. understands how the law and legislative process work, the firm is able to advise its clients on the best methods to affect legislative change.

While Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. does not have lobbyists on staff, its attorneys work hand in hand with clients' lobbyist groups or in-house counsel to craft legislative language and influence policy.

Contact the experienced tax attorneys at Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. Call today at 785-234-3461.

*The Best Lawyers in America®. Copyright 2012 by Woodward/White, Inc., Aiken, SC.

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