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Topeka Administrative Law Attorneys


Founded in 1949, Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. has grown into one of the most respected law firms in Kansas. Based in Topeka, CDN's attorneys represent clients throughout northeast and north-central Kansas.

Northeast Kansas Administrative Licensing Lawyers

Professionals and businesses in a diverse array of industries are subject to many rules and regulations promulgated by state administrative agencies. Violation of these rules can result in loss of business license necessary to maintain professional licenses and employment.

Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. understands the complexities of administrative law and works tenaciously to defend its clients' rights and protect its' clients’ licenses.

Kansas has a host of administrative agencies – each with its own rules and regulations that must be followed by professionals working in its industry. Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. has successfully helped clients in banking industry, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers and professionals bidding on state-financed projects navigate through the administrative law process. Coffman, DeFries & Nothern, P.A. also helps professionals in the real estate and financial industry overcome licensing challenges with state boards.

Helping Kansas Professionals Overcome Their Administrative Challenges

Hearings in front of administrative bodies often have the same formalities as a courtroom trial. Many administrative hearings involve expert testimony and witness testimony, and cross-examination.

Due to the complex nature of administrative laws and the special rules and procedures unique to administrative hearings, many professionals need experienced attorneys to help them navigate the administrative system and protect their professional and gaming licenses.

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